Step 1 : First, download the IPTV Smarters app from Apple Store via URL and install the app on your iOS device.

Step 2 : Open the app after downloading.

Step 3 : In this step, select any name in the first field. In the second and third fields, enter the “ username ” and “ password ” of your M3U line as well as the server URL , which can also be found on your M3U line.

Schritt 4 : Klicken Sie nun auf „LOGIN“, um mit dem nächsten Abschnitt fortzufahren.

Step 5 : Now click on the “ Settings ” icon as shown by a red arrow in the image. 

Step 6 “ General Settings ” and move on to the next section. : Now you need to select 

Step 7 : Now you need to click on “ AutoStart on Boot ” and then click on “ SAVE CHANGES ”. 

Schritt 8 : Klicken Sie nun auf das Symbol „ Live TV “, wie im Bild durch einen roten Pfeil dargestellt.

Step 9 : Now you need to select the channel group you want to watch and move on to the next section. 

Step 10 : Now you need to click on the channel name and then in the last step, double click on the small screen to turn it into full screen.