How to Install IPTV Smarters Pro on FireStick

Since we are sideloading Smart IPTV on FireStick, we first need to enable the Apps from Unknown Sources security option in FireStick Settings. Follow the steps below:

1. You must be on the FireStick home screen. Select FIND .

2. Now click on Search .

Click Search

3. Search for the Downloader app in the search window . This is the app through which we load Smart IPTV on FireStick. Follow the on-screen instructions and install this app. For detailed instructions, see the article on sideloading apps on FireStick using Downloader.

 Install Smart IPTV on Fire Stick

4. After installing the Downloader app, return to the home screen and select Settings .

How to Install Smart IPTV on Firestick

5. In Settings, go to My Fire TV option and open it.

 Smart IPTV

6. The next option you can access is Developer Options .

Note : If you don’t see Developer Options, go to Settings My Fire TV About .
Now select the Fire TV Stick and click on it seven times to enable Developer Options.

 Smart IPTV for Firestick

7. In the next window, click Install Unknown Apps .

Note: If you still have the older version of the FireStick UI, click Apps from Unknown Sources.

Install an unknown app

8. option Select Enable for the downloader app.

 Smart IPTV

Once you have enabled apps from unknown sources, you can start installing Smart IPTV app on FireStick. Here are the steps:

9. You can now open the Downloader app. When you run it for the first time, you will see a few prompts. Discard them by selecting the appropriate options. When the following screen of the app appears, click on the text box highlighted in the image below.

10. Go ahead and enter the following path in this window:

Note: You can also use the shortened version of the URL

Click GO

11. Wait a minute or two for the IPTV Smarter to download on your FireStick device

12. When the download is complete, the downloader app will run the APK file and the installation will begin

Click Install

13. Wait for the installation to complete

14. completed with the notification “App installed” The installation is

You can now click “OPEN” and start using IPTV Smarters

I recommend DONE so that you can delete the APK file first and save some space in FireStick storage selecting

15. Once you click DONE above, you will return to the downloader interface

Click Delete

16. Click Delete again

Great! You now have the IPTV Smarters app on FireStick.

How to Use IPTV Smarters on FireStick

As I said before, IPTV Smarters does NOT have its own channels. It is simply an intermediary that allows you to stream channels that you have access to through the IPTV service providers.

Therefore, to use IPTV Smarters, you must have subscribed to at least one IPTV service.

When you run the IPTV Smarters app for the first time, Terms of Service are displayed in the first window. Scroll down and click Accept

This is the window you will land in next. You need to start by either clicking ADD USER in the top right corner or clicking ADD NEW USER in the middle of the screen

Log in using the Xtream Codes API

M3U playlist URLs are often long and difficult to type into the app, especially when typing with the FireStick remote.

Therefore, I recommend using the Xtream Codes API instead. They are shorter and easier to type.

However, Xtream codes have been removed and I’m not sure if the API codes will still work

The Xtream Codes API will be emailed to you by your IPTV provider along with your M3U playlist URL. If you have not received this, contact your IPTV provider.

If you click on “Log in with Xtream Codes API” , the window in which you can enter your data will appear here: